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August 6, 2012 5:49 pm
"Not used to boys, I was wary of Giles and Esmond – but anyway, being six and four years older than I, they were in the group of “Big Ones,” so I did not have a great deal to do with them. Inasmuch as I did, I greatly preferred Esmond to his elder brother: Esmond was brusque and noisy (and of course treated me with disdain), but was usually quite kind, in a rough sort of a way, and with his freckly face, snub nose, and fair hair he was infinitely preferable in my eyes to Giles, who had smooth, dark looks and was very standoffish and supercilious. I usually kept out of the way of both of them, but in the Easter holidays when I was about eight Esmond decided that I should learn to ride a bicycle: so one morning he took me down to the tennis court to teach me. He was an impatient instructor, and his method consisted of vigorous shoves accompanied by yells of: “Pedal! You idiot – pedal!” I was panic-stricken, and fell off several times – but I did learn to ride a bicycle. I never got a kind word, but I adored him despite his tyrannical ways."

Mary Soames, A Daughter’s Tale